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using the charts

using the charts


Emotions Charts

Any chart listing negative emotions in the kit can be used for finding trapped emotions.  The Emotion Code, LOC, Positive and Negative Emotions Charts, can also be used to find descriptions of spiritual roots and other energetic issues.  You may use multiple words from multiple charts to describe an issue.


The Negative Beliefs Chart can also be used to identify specific negative beliefs or judgments about oneself, but the statements may possibly be used as part of the description of another issue.


To learn how to use the LOC Chart to raise your own or your client's consciousness for particular issues, we provide a simple explanation in our Basic Training.

There is a list of definitions for the Emotion Code chart here:  Emotion Definitions for the Emotion Code Chart

Small Charts


The Small Charts serve several purposes:

If you've asked the question, "Is the cause of this issue described in section...?" and were led to the Small Charts, then proceed to ask, "Is it on Small Charts page 1 or 2?  Chart 1-7, etc?"  Then proceed to test through the columns and/or numbers of the specific small chart selected. 

The Small Charts are also provided to simply remind you of various tools and options.  You can use different types of questions for these items. 


The Tools section in Small Chart Page 1, Chart 1, can be tested to see if any of the options would be beneficial in releasing an issue.  The use of a magnet is a basic principle taught in the Emotion Code.  Using a sparker is taught by Emotion Reset Coach Steven Keller and is explained in this video.   Affirmations can be found in the affirmations section of the Toolkit.  You could muscle test if one or all affirmations are needed, or if you need to come up with another one with specific emotions from the other charts.  Anointing oil is a Biblical practice that can be used on people and homes.


The Spiritual Roots section reminds you of the various types of roots to test for.  See the Spiritual Roots section for further instruction.


The Checkup Kit was developed by Steven Keller and you can find further info about in some of his trainings.

Vow Starters can be tested when determining a vow statement.  

Testing Phrases are beneficial to finding causes to issues preventing someone from moving forward.

Spiritual Issues address specific aspects of spiritual warfare.  You can specifically test if any of them are the underlying cause of an issue.

The Family chart is designed to help you identify specific family members an issue is pertaining to.  For example, you may test that you have unforgiveness towards a family member, then pinpoint who it is through this chart.  The People, Institutions, Spiritual Terms, and Places Charts also assist in identifying people and concepts that specific issues and spiritual roots are pertaining to.

Sins Chart

Words from the Sins Chart may come up as part of a description of an issue, spiritual root, as something that the client needs to repent of, or something the client needs to repent of on behalf of another.

Word Bank and Pronoun/Helping Verbs

Muscle testing words from the Word Bank and the Pronoun/Helping Verbs chart may help add to the description of an issue.

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