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Testing for curses that hinder destiny:

(Bonus material for COH)

Testing for curses that hinder destiny:

(bonus material for courts of heaven sessions)

This info is adapted from Chapter 4 of Robert Henderson's book: Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven.


Through Jesus's sacrifice for our sins, He dealt with the legal issues needed to break every curse off of our lives (see Galatians 3:13). However, we may need to take measures to implement what Jesus already purchased for us. We can may need to enforce the verdict of the finished work of the cross for our personal lives through repentance, faith, and decrees.


A curse is always a result of a “case” against us in the spirit realm, initiated by the accuser, satan. In I Peter 5:8 the Greek word for “adversary,” in reference to the devil, means “one who brings a lawsuit.” For each of the following curses, we need to find and remove the legal ground the enemy is using against us. If it's not our own personal sin, it may be sin in the bloodline that ancestors never repented of.


For the following, you can muscle test:

“Are any of the following types of curses operating in my life, #'s 1-12?


If you get a yes, take the specific type of curse and present it in a Courts of Heaven session, using the questions provided in the Courts of Heaven section of the Toolkit. It may be best to deal with one type of curse at a time. Find the underlying reasons for the curses and obtain a verdict for the curses to be annulled and blessings restored.


12 signs to recognize if there are curses on your life:


1. Having a negative mindset and mentality where you expect evil instead of good in for your future. (See Deuteronomy 28:66).

2. You can't seem to escape bad things from happening. It seems nothing works out for you and something seems to sabotage every hopeful thing for your future. Invisible forces seem to prevent your success in life. (See Deut 28:19).


3. Lacking vision and sense of destiny for your life. (See Deut 28:29).


4. Breakdown of marriages and homes. The curse of unfaithfulness, divorce, and family problems can be passed from generation to generation and should be dealt with in the Courts of Heaven. (See Deut 28:30).


5. Children being taken captive into bondage and sinful lifestyles. (See Deu. 28:41).


6. Lack of prosperity. You might do much sowing and receive little harvest, your results don't equal your labors. Devouring forces may eat up your harvest. (See Deut 28:38)


7. Sickness that cannot be healed, that seem non-responsive to doctors' help and prayer. (See Deut 28:27, 35, 60-61).


8. Lack of anointing, or something stopping the anointing of God from being effective in your life. You may feel the anointing and receive prayer but often nothing changes. (see Deut 28:40).


9. Mental and emotional issues. There may be a pattern of mental illness or issues in the family line. (See Deut 28:34)


10. Having what is rightfully yours be stolen. Including finances, marriage, health, children, job, reputations, etc. Also, having restoration delayed. (See Deut 28:31).


11. Missing out on promotions you deserve while others are promoted ahead of you. The enemy is trying to keep God's people out of places of influence. (See Deut 28:43).


12. Prayers not being answered. Prayers that are in agreement with God's word go unanswered for extended periods of time. (See Deut 28:23).

Recommended Reading:

For more in-depth learning, we recommend exploring resources by Robert Henderson, including his two books:  Operating in the Courts of Heaven (Book 1) and Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven (Book 2).


Also recommended:  From The Courtroom of Heaven To the Throne Of Grace and Mercy by Jeanette Strauss.

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