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Integration kit

integration kit

Questions 1-3

You can copy and paste the Integration Kit questions into your session notes, and add in the issue that you are testing for.  When you use the Integration Kit Questions 1-3, you will first test for a "yes" or a "no" as to whether or not anything in the list of parts is a cause.  If "yes" then you can ask, "Is it found in #'s 1-10?"  or "11-20?"  Then, once you have the answer, you can break it the numbers down further.  If it tests for #'s 1-10, then you can ask, "Is it #'s 1-5?" or "6-10", then ask the remaining numbers individually.  This helps the process go as quickly as possible.

Note:  Definitions of the various terms used are found within pages 2 and 3 of the Integration Kit

A. What kind?  This refers to the type of part revealed through muscle testing, #'s 1-20.  The various types of part are defined in pages 2 and 3 of the Integration Kit.  You can also check the websites at the bottom of this page for further study.

What's the description of its function?  Muscle test, using the various charts in the toolkit to get words describing the part's purpose or the way it thinks/functions.  For example: you test for a part and you muscle test the words "unsure" "value," and "contrary."  You may muscle test confirming that the description is the part's function is: "unsure of my value to the relationship so I am contrary."

B.  Underlying Issues:  Muscle test asking what the underlying issues are?  Is it a spiritual root?  Is it a Body Code issue?  Or another kind of issue described in the Toolkit?  Keep finding all the underlying issues and releasing them until there's none left.  Note that sometimes covenants and evil spirits may also be underlying factors to look for.

C.  Does it need integrated or released? 

The term integrated means the part needs to be merged back into your core self.  The part will no longer be fractured or hold a separate identity, but since it is healed it can return into your original identity as God intended.  

Released means the part doesn't need integrated, but you let go of the identity as something that no longer defines you.  Some people believe that we release parts to God for Him to bring further healing to them before sending them back to be integrated.  Regardless, we can release the part to God with faith that He will complete anything else that needs done.

The Toolkit provides sample prayers/declarations for integrating and releasing.  You don't have to use the samples, but they can give you an idea of how to approach this process.  After saying a prayer/declaration for integrating or releasing, muscle test to see if the integrating/releasing was completed (Y/N).


Is it ready for this?  Normally, the answer will be yes if you've released all the underlying issues.  If no, check back to see what issues you may've missed or ask if they are any "hidden" issues.  In addition, you could check for covenants, evil spirits, sins to repent of, or test if any questions in the Thorough Kit may apply.

Once you successfully integrate or release a part, ask the original question again, to see if there are any other parts causing the issue.  Repeat the process as many times as needed until you get a "no."  The process is the same for finding hidden parts and ones that aren't ready to be revealed.

When looking for parts that aren't ready to be revealed, note that you might not always be able to test "what kind" it is at first, although other times you can.  You should be able to know after finding the reasons for it not being ready and releasing them.  After clearing them out, there may be additional underlying issues that need released.  Continue the process as described above until all parts causing the issue are taken care of.


Parts that are in areas or regions of captivity refer to the possibility that parts can sometimes be taken captive into areas of the unseen spiritual ream.  We might not know all the reasons as to how or why this might take place, but these parts can still be effectively dealt with.  After dealing with underlying issues and the parts are able to be "called back" from these places, simply do it by faith, saying something like, "I call this part back from areas/regions of captivity it is in, and cleanse it with the Blood of Jesus."  Then, proceed to integrate or release it.

Recommended Resources for Further Understanding:

Understanding Alters

A very helpful resource explaining why soul fragmenting takes place and defining various types of parts and their characteristics.


20 Types of Dissociative Splits

Describes 20 different types of parts.

HeartSync Ministries

A ministry specializing in this kind of healing.


Bethel Church's Shabar teaching pertaining to this subject, healing shattered minds.

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