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bonus materials

Courts of Heaven Materials:

What Are the Courts of Heaven?

Aligning Your COH Case to God's Will

Testing for Curses that Hinder Destiny

Removing Curses

Voices of the Courts

Energy Healing Seminar:  How to Do A COH Session with Energy Work

Decree of Justice MP3 Message


Operating in the Courts of Heaven (Book 1) - by Robert Henderson

Unlocking Destinies From the Courts of Heaven (Book 2) - by Robert Henderson

From The Courtroom of Heaven To the Throne Of Grace and Mercy - by Jeanette Strauss

A shorter book on this topic, which also shares a great story of how a COH was done on behalf of a family member, producing a miraculous turnaround. 

Supplemental Toolkit Materials:

Clearing Time Issues


Evidence for the Bible, Jesus, and Eternal Life

Can We Trust the Bible? - Important facts pointing to the reliability of the Bible's translation and accuracy. Includes evidence that the Bible is not merely the words of men but that the words are truly inspired by God. - Provides great resources that answer questions about the reliability of the Bible.  Also answers questions about the Resurrection of Jesus, and about who Jesus is and what God is like.

Verses Revealing Jesus is God and Not Just a Man


Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Life-Changing Truth for a Skeptical World - by Josh McDowell 

Filled with valuable research pointing to evidence for the Bible, Jesus, the Old Testament, and Truth

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist - by Norman Geisler & Frank Turek

Explores the existence of Truth, of God, Christ, and the reliability of the Bible.


More Than a Carpenter - by Josh McDowell

Examines the evidence about Jesus.  Is he really the Lord he claimed to be?  How can we know for sure?

One Heartbeat Away - by Mark Cahill - *Recommended Easy Read*

The question of what happens to us after we die is on the minds of many?  Can you prove to them that there is a God?  What about evolution?  Can the Bible be proven true?  This book is written specifically to those who have objections or are seeking answers for eternity, and guiding them to truth.

The Case for Christ - by Lee Strobel

Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? Former atheist and Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel takes an investigative look at the evidence from the fields of science, philosophy, and history. 

Christian Answers About Energy Healing:

Christ Centered Energy Healing - Video by Steven Keller


Explanation of the Emotion code and Proxy Muscle Testing - Video by Steven Keller

Is the Emotion Code Christian? - Video by Steven Keller


Splankna: The Redemption of Energy Healing for the Kingdom of God - by Sarah Thiessen

Highly recommended book that explains the difference between the scientifically valid field of energy healing and how to know the difference between what comes from God vs. witchcraft/occult/new age.  This is useful information even if you don't use their specific modality.  If out of stock, you can buy it from

Emotion Code Resources:

Emotion Code Free Starter Kit

Emotion Definitions for the Emotion Code Chart


The Emotion Code - by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Energy Healing:

Body Code


Dr. Alex Loyd - The Healing Codes and other modalities

Emotion Code

Emotion Reset Coach - Steven Keller's official page



Splankna - Christian energy healing modality


The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue - by Alexander Loyd 

Even if you don't use this particular method, this book provides a great foundation to understanding energy healing.

Frequency Device Info:

Frequency Device - small, wearable frequency device that you can use both for yourself and clients

Free Training on How to Use the Frequency Device in Sessions

Inner Healing Ministry:

Bethel Sozo​ - Inner healing ministry of Bethel Church, Redding CA

Bethel Sozo Saved, Healed & Delivered Teaching Series (Advanced) - includes Shabar teaching, healing of shattered soul

Bethel Sozo Saved, Healed & Delivered Teaching Series (Basic)

Bethel Sozo Teachings/Trainings

HeartSync Ministries - A ministry specializing in healing fragmentation.

Quantum Physics, The Science Behind Energy Healing Work


Quantum Glory: The Science Of Heaven Invading Earth - by Phil Mason

A Christian perspective on Quantum Physics as being part of God's design

Understanding Fragmentation:

20 Types of Dissociative Splits


Description of Internal Family Systems - Provides a helpful description of concepts related to the Integration Kit.

HeartSync Ministries - A ministry specializing in healing fragmentation.

Understanding Alters - A very helpful resource explaining why soul fragmenting takes place and defining various types of parts and their characteristics.

Shabar - Bethel Church's Shabar teaching pertaining to this subject, healing shattered minds.

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